ZipTour™Welcome to the world's most exciting and innovative zip line tour system currently available!  The inventors of the world famous ZipRider® zip line cable ride and the lift evacuation ZipRescue® trolley are excited to present a new zip line product, the ZipTour®.  Two things distinguish the ZipTour® from every other zip line product: we build the biggest ride spans in the world, and our patented "dynamically-controllable" ZipTour® trolley allows the customer to control their zip line ride speed.  There are many zip line options around the globe but, until now, there has never been technology in place that allows the participant to control their own speed, even to the point of being able to stop and enjoy a moment suspended over a river or 1000 ft ravine.

The ZipTour® can be designed as a multi-span zip line tour that allows customers to explore the terrain of a resort, from the mountain summit to the base area, or it can be designed as a standalone single-span zip line ride.  The combination of our patented trolley braking technology and our fully tensioned ride cables allows riders to descend great distances and elevations with only a few spans.  Don't limit yourself when envisioning a ZipTour® zip line system for your resort or location.  We have built the longest zip lines in the world, and have been doing so for 10 years! 

If you are interested in offering a one-of-a-kind zip line ride system for your resort or area please contact us for more information. To experience ZipRider®or ZipTour®first hand, we invite you to visit Park City, Utah, where we will personally provide you with a tour of our Utah installations. We have four ZipRiders®to experience locally (Park City Mountain Resort, two at the Utah Olympic Park, and Snowbird) and phase one of the ZipTour®zip line canopy tour system now open at the Canyons Resort.